Special thank you from Cats of Distinction

~ Shout to the top ~

catsofdistinction.com.au - Thank you Shout to the top
  • Thank you to my best friend and chosen sister Faye Martini Jakson, no words can say what you mean to me.
    • Thank you for:-
      • Tellassee Starry Starry Knight Imp NZ
      • Cleveland Hawkeye
      • Cleveland India Rose.
  • Poppy Puss & Molly Muss, thank you for all your time and effort in doing this web page with such passion.
  • Jess, thank you for the excellent plastic surgery :) but seriously thanks for your contribution to the website
  • Tarn, the budding young graphic artist, thank you for making a beautiful banner and email button for my website.
  • Fiona, thank you for your picture perfect contribution to my website.
  • Brash, if only you know how much I value your friendship.
  • Mavis Sharp, thank you for nearly 20 years of friendship and advice.
  • Margaret Craft, thank you for allowing me to have your bloodlines.
  • Val Cashman thank you for Monty he was a dearly loved part of my breeding program.
  • Raewyn Copland thank you for the future of Kachelle in Vinnie
  • Chris Bentley, thank you for Chloe.
  • May Fahey thank you for Spider.
  • Anne Kirtland thank you for all your support and for looking after Jazz.
  • Kay Haby thank you for your friendship and sharing your bloodlines.
  • Karen Moore thank you for Reddy.
  • Dee and Vince thank you for sharing your bloodlines.
  • Tracy, thank you for Dufous.
  • Ann Christie, thank you for my other web site and your friendship especially when times got tough.
  • Sandra, Dennis (in heaven), Fiona and Bill, Rhondda, Barb, Margaret and David, Chris and Ray, Shirley, Ray and Amy and Liz, thank you for your support over the last couple of years, it won’t be forgotten.
  • Gwennie (in heaven) Thank you for your passion of whites, it sure has stuck.
  • Thank you to Liz and Scoot Andresen for Buster and Indi.
  • Matthew and Melanie, thank you for Pearl.
  • Honey, thank you for showing me what it was like to be loved, shame it didn’t last for you.
Thank you.
~Michelle 2011~